Phone Listings From Area Code 973-598 State Of New Jersey

  • Area Code : 973-598
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New Jersey, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Flanders
  • County: Morris

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Latest Comments for 973-598

July 24 3:56 am
I got a call twice from this number today, never left a message. really annoying

July 21 9:23 pm
i have been getting calls from 714-776-8856, 8893, 9171, and 8529. all are blocked now, great feature on the iphone. ive answered a few times and nobody says anything. ive called back from my cell phone and a work land line but still get the same thing, the number has been disconnected. do urself a favor and dont answer and just block them.

July 29 12:11 am
I dialed an 800 number thinking it was some company number I was trying to reach. When they answered they said I had won 100 dollars and they needed my account number thinking it was the company I gave it to them and I also asked them if it was the company I was trying to reach and they said yes they kept me on the phone switching me around to two different people I had an odd feeling about it and so I hung up and called my bank and closed my account they called me back 10 times using this 000-000-0 number and when I answered finally I told them I didnt want any thing they cursed at me and said I had closed my account I think they are scammers be careful

August 16 12:49 am
Turn on your call block and use this code 000 000-0 and 100-000-0 and 000 000-0 use them all you want be worry by them anymore.

August 15 8:18 am
I've worked with Manpower before, for years. The numbers with these "Atlanta, GA" source are not traceable - I got a call from one of these yesterday and someone else at home took it, and said I would contact them today. I called it back and got a fast busy each time. REAL Manpower numbers in Atlanta have 770 as their area code. Real recruiters also have vm saying who they are and you can leave a msg for them because they definitely want to contact you if they are legit. Do not trust these people, CALL Manpower DIRECTLY from a number you find IN THE PHONE BOOK - and if there was a legit person trying to contact you, they will talk to you. I've gotten numerous emails with bad English and little info "offering" me jobs, when they don't even know if I'm male or female, using my online resume to find me. My guess is it's some smaller outfit either trying to scam you or get their foot in the door.

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