Phone Listings From Area Code 973-517 State Of New Jersey

  • Area Code : 973-517
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Omnipoint Communications, I...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Newark
  • County: Essex

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Latest Comments for 973-517

August 28 5:35 am
that is because the jail uses that service. all calls are collect. you can put money on an account and they can then call anyone using that money and will not have to be collect.

July 17 9:40 pm
Same here... going on my Pending List... next call gets um on the Selective Fwdn List>db

July 20 6:50 am
i used to work at a call center, we were told to tell people who asked to be put on the do not call list that we did it, but in reality the only companies that actually qualify for the do not call List are sales. So if they arent a legitimate company trying to sell you something then they can call you all they want.

July 8 7:58 pm
I hope you (and anyone else who receives these calls) also posted a comment on the site for the call-back number they gave you, whether you called or not. Its impossible for people to try to track down the callers if people dont give the call-back numbers and/or post on that numbers page.ANY and ALL info being posted helps people (and law enforcement) track down these companies AND helps keep ALL of us informed!

July 7 1:34 pm
voice mail message had a lot of background activity noise like other operators on calls. heard male voice say 'guess not, guess not' then a pause before caller hung up.

August 25 1:08 pm
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