Phone Listings From Area Code 972-616 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 972-616
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Tw Telecom Of Texas Llc Tx
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Dallas
  • County: Dallas

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Latest Comments for 972-616

July 2 11:59 pm
All this is is a service of DIRECTV that is calling to inform you your payment info is expired...(:ie, new or replacement credit card received}. I got the call about 2 weeks prior to my payment being due and is in no way an attempt by DIRECTV to scam you. I appreciate DIRECTV in giving me the heads up before my payment was due.

August 4 5:31 pm
I had a call from 1-000-000! It showed up as Unavailable but I could see the phone number, and when I said hello, there was a short silence then the person said Goodbye so I hung up.

July 8 9:51 pm
got same calls from 000 000-0 what you have to do to stop the calls is turn on your call block on your phone and put this in the block list this way 000 000-0 and all unavailable and private calls will stop it worked for me have not gotten anymore calls for three months now.

August 6 5:47 pm
I have been on the do not call list for 5 years and renew frequently. If a person / company chooses not to comply with the do not call registry then you will get calls from them. You cannot report a number that is unavailable (blocked) or bogus 000-000-0. The do not call list has pretty much become an abject failure. Here is a good article about the effectiveness of the do not call registry and details on what I have summarized. ... list-even-work/

July 24 12:18 am
I got a call today and really couldnt understand what the woman was saying on my ans. machine, until she said that she had a pkg. for me and I was to call the number back. I called the number later and it was blocked. I figured it was a scam, but I wanted to hear their spiel. This is the second call from a scammer. I guess they know Im older.

August 24 1:30 pm
Some where in New Jersey. I don't know anyone in New Jersey.

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