Phone Listings From Area Code 972-521 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 972-521
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Time Warner Communications...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Dallas
  • County: Dallas

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Latest Comments for 972-521

August 24 2:30 pm
Its my belief that Verizon and Comcast (who are now doing business together) are selling cell and home phone numbers. I receive, atleast, one call a day from the 000-0 number, as well as countless other spam calls. And, Im also on the DO NOT CALL list, which is totally worthless. Im just about ready to smash all my phones and buy a burner cell, tell Verizon and Comcast both to shove it.

July 28 12:24 pm
Our government wont help. They are to busy spying on us.

July 30 7:23 pm
I have had 3 calls this week. No messages were left and when trying to return the call I was unable to do so. Yesterday I did answer out of curiosity. I am not sure what agency it was from as the caller was speaking so fast...but he did say I had been chosen for free money. He wanted to confirm my discover and or visa card. I told him I was not interested and to please take my number off their listing. He replied back with, everyone is interested in free money and then I hung up. Be very careful...this is dfefinately a scam.

August 2 8:43 pm
I used to get calls from this 218-234-2554# all of the time, the man said his name was Charlie Brown and I busted out laughing!!!  He also told me he worked for Rusel Norum.  He still after months calls me daily on my call phone and my work number.  Unfortunately I work off site so my poor boss has to deal with the calls.

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