Phone Listings From Area Code 951-380 State Of

  • Area Code : 951-380
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Riverside
  • County: Riverside

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Latest Comments for 951-380

July 9 8:51 am
Some companies check the do not call list for numbers they can then phone - one called told me they got my number from the do not call list. Any company can access it to see if they are allowed to call you.

July 10 7:08 am
You know folks, if you do not recognize the number or name, dont answer the damn phone!If its something important or your long lost uncle Festus, hell leave a message.When it stops ringing, if youre curious just enter the number in google and Waa Laa.

August 17 12:39 am
During that 31 day period, after signing up for the Do Not Call list, anyone can call. I heard, in fact, that companies USE the list to harvest #s. So, people CAN read...the A Holes who are calling just found a way to get around the policy! Try not to be do helps no one, not even YOU!

August 28 1:41 am

August 5 2:30 pm
I actually got a phone call this morning, and the first call sounded legit; but then when I called back the person that I talked to, (Foster O'Brien ?) was the same person that answered when I called their "customer service line" what are the chances of that...slim; so I was then transferred to their "senior advisor" and as i'm talking to this guy I knew it was junk; when I told the guy to cancel whatever it is that they are doing he was like, "WHY?!" so I told him; this sounds like a scam and he just hung up

July 16 3:42 pm
They contacted us 5 times! We answered almost all then, now we know where it came from! Thanks all!

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