Phone Listings From Area Code 931-422 State Of Tennessee

  • Area Code : 931-422
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Global Crossing Local Servi...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Lewisburg
  • County: Marshall

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Latest Comments for 931-422

August 7 1:45 am
Its actually not that simple.We accidentally paid another credit card to which we owed zero money instead of our Chase card (typed in the wrong line on online bill pay!). I called Chase the minute we figured out what we had done, explained that we needed to receive our refund from the other card in order to pay them. They said that it was not an issue as we always pay our card off completely every month on time, and just take care of it as soon as we could. The lady was actually surprised at how well weve maintained our account. They even waived the late fees and interest for us. Two days later I started getting calls 3+ time a day from this number. So to simply call them and explain...and they will not continue to call and harass you is a false statement.

August 21 12:54 pm
Just got one today - knew my last name

August 13 8:13 pm
NO.never, never, never answer a call from a bogus number like this!!!Now they know this is a working number with a human answering; it just bolsters whatthey are doing. Some of these scam callers will even take , for instance, a yes thats in your voice that they lead you into saying, and then transpose that into you agreeing to whatever their game is. You truly should just block these bottom-feeding slimeballs with their scams if you can or just ignore their calls and let it go to answering service...they never leave messages.The biggest no-no you can do is engage one of these fast talking pukes.and the odds ofthem taking you off their calling list is about 0.

July 2 9:08 am
Same letter, same sender (Takumi Kobayashi) . $18.5m up for grabs . No such thing as free lunch. They must think the world is full of greedy fools ! Post mark 14/5 South Africa

August 15 12:12 am
i got the same message to Skype from Jenny at this number

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