Phone Listings From Area Code 925-734 State Of California

  • Area Code : 925-734
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Pacific Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Pleasanton
  • County: Alameda

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Latest Comments for 925-734

August 22 4:12 am
Hey man did they answer u ??? did uknow what they want cause they have just called me too and guess what i was sleep too ? i am Egyptian too by the way

July 21 12:16 am
DONT ever do it! We had trouble with our P.C. and my husband called what he thought was a legiamate # for help. They took the P.C. over and REALLY screwed it up!

July 19 12:49 pm
He called me last month out of the blue, I said to call back later when I would be more situation (and graduated). Right after the initial phone call I typed his number in and sure enough found items such as things reporting what he's up to. Low and behold, he gave me another call this morning - got my name wrong, and would not give me the name of the company when I asked for a website to look at (I already knew it was a scam, just wanted to see what he'd say) - said to "not believe what they say about them", and that I'd have to "look at the Fortune 500 articles". I just said no thanks and his mood seem to change instantly..... avoid at all costs. Wants you to come in for an interview without knowing the name of the place, incredibly shady.

July 24 8:15 am
heald college always buggggs

August 15 8:19 pm
they call all the time. it comes up on caller id as 1-117-779-999

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