Phone Listings From Area Code 920-519 State Of Wisconsin

  • Area Code : 920-519
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Charter Fiberlink Cco, Llc...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Black Creek
  • County: Outagamie

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Latest Comments for 920-519

August 6 2:23 am
I am in Malaysia when I got this phone call

July 2 6:48 pm
I got a text message from this odd number saying happy new year and wanting to know if I was recieving the messages. I texted back and asked who it was and got a response that he or she seen my photos online. The text came from 320-289-6770. The email is coming from [email protected]:514758416

July 11 5:02 pm
youre right. political and charitable calls are exempt from do not call lists. the DNC has worked for me in that LEGITIMATE organizations that follow the law dont call me anymore. Outside the political and charitable calls, the only other are spammers/phishers who are not following the law anyway, so I wouldnt see why they would bother to respect the list. I dont bother to report to the numbers anymore because the govt wont take the time to actually track down these illegal shops. Theyre too much of a moving target. the bottom line is that if someone dials your specific 10 digit number, your phone will ring. Any or all of their source information may be fictitious, so all you can do is block them on your end. Even still, theyre a moving target anyway, so the next time the source number is different than what youve blocked.

July 11 9:49 am
I am not sure about this, because this is my brother husband phone number - maybe someone gave you the wrong number pretending to be his? Sorry

August 5 3:44 am
Similar to others I saw on your site.  Her name was Ashley - she said she was trying to reach my neighbor and could I give my neighbor a msg to call her back.  I asked how she got my number - she did a neighborhood search to get my number.  What kind of scam could it be??

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