Phone Listings From Area Code 919-677 State Of North Carolina

  • Area Code : 919-677
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Cary
  • County: Wake

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Latest Comments for 919-677

August 3 9:31 am
I just got the same exact call. They call me once a month just to threaten me!! Who are these IDIOTS??

July 16 6:38 pm
I had a call from 1-000-000! It showed up as Unavailable but I could see the phone number, and when I said hello, there was a short silence then the person said Goodbye so I hung up.

July 17 12:20 am
1 call; left no voicemail.

August 17 2:06 am
If you try, they either hang up immediately or start cursing at you.  They are known criminals operating a scam and don't care about the DNC list.  They operate outside US jurisdiction so unless the Justice Department can trace them back to an underlying US principal, there is little that can be done to stop them other than use call blockers or as others have done, save them to a special contact group with No Ring Tone assigned.  Even playing along with them by giving them bogus information or saying you have to go get your credit card then just setting the phone down for a while does not phase them.  The computer that generates the calls is seperate from the call center than answers if you press "1".  The answering call center has no capability to remove anyone's number from the computer that generates calls by simple numerical sequence in a give Area Code and Exchange.

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