Phone Listings From Area Code 918-766 State Of Oklahoma

  • Area Code : 918-766
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Bartlesville
  • County: Washington

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Latest Comments for 918-766

July 10 4:18 pm
The caller, used number 8051474545 ( displayed as ID on our phone ) , to called us @ 15:29, 01/19/2015. I was in backyard. When I returned the call, the other end had no sound or not in service. According it started calling people 12/12./2015Caller: 8051474545 .

July 22 1:15 am
I got the same thing, posted something on craigslist and he prank called at 1230am. i just got 5 kids down to sleep and he wakes me up with a prank call.seriously?! get a life!!

August 2 7:09 am
Hi, I believe it is a Fraud. we got this in Taiwan too, by fax on 4/15/2014

August 26 4:23 pm
Exact same problem, also in Ontario, went through the survey finally to talk to someone and said take me off your calling list, operator 83 said she would transfer me to the do not call office and hung up. Fed up!!

July 11 1:52 pm
The caller congratulates you on your job application - the one you posted in Craigslist or some other job application site - being accepted. Sometimes they ask for a fee. Sometimes they will send you a check as an advance payment. All you have to do is reply, and send them a lot of personal information. Now the bad part: the scammer can use that personal information to steal your identity. Any fee you send will soon disappear. The check they might have sent will bounce, and YOU will be liable for the loss!

August 19 7:48 am
Same annoying story as others.

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