Phone Listings From Area Code 918-495 State Of Oklahoma

  • Area Code : 918-495
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Tulsa
  • County: Tulsa

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Latest Comments for 918-495

July 8 11:50 am
This place has been calling me at work weekly, leaving no message regarding what they want. I too received a call from Mike LaSalvia and after seeing these comments I will not be calling them back. They are very harassing and if any of my debtors would like to communicate to me they can do it via a letter to my mailbox. I dont discuss my personal business over the phone, especially at work.

July 9 11:29 pm
Me too! I ordered Chillow and find out that many who did also get calls from this number. Read the Policy Statements BEFORE ordering in future and see just what they do with your info. Ill NEVER order online again. I find any product can be found at Walmart for less and no shipping.

July 20 4:22 pm
What do you mean by follow through? I have given all of the information required by some spam callers to the do not call website (Ive been on that list for years), and there has been absolutely no follow up from them. None!

August 28 3:16 am
FNCB is a debt collector, not a timeshare sales operation. You dont know that your neighbor is involved at all. FNCB could be skip tracing for a stranger, or it has a debt account with your name on it. Either way your primary problem is with that collection agency and not some drama between fences.

August 11 5:55 am
The Whitehouse? I feel honored. lol

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