Phone Listings From Area Code 909-636 State Of California

  • Area Code : 909-636
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Sprint Spectrum L.p.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Chino Hills
  • County: San Bernardino

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Latest Comments for 909-636

August 3 6:58 am
I have been getting numerous calls from this number recently. I finally did answer it. They are doing a survey supposedly for the Marine Fisheries Service of the US Govt. I pushed and got the information that the company is ICF in Martinsville Virginia. and their phone number is 276 403 9400. A little Goggling shows:ICF International - ICF International delivers consulting services and technology solutions in the energy, climate change, environment, transportation, socialICF International980 Beaver Creek Dr Martinsville, VA 24112(276) 403-9400This could easily be only one of many who are spoofing this phone number. I told them to remove me from their calling list. I do not do surveys, as the results may be used in further building the Profile which marketing companies are using and selling your information so you get more sales pitches!

July 23 7:02 pm
A few days ago, I got a disgusting text on my antiquated flip-phone (which Big Bro hopes I trade in for a brand-new Not-So-Smart Phone, so they can track me better). This text said, Hey, baby, I use my embouchure for more than playing the trumpet. Lets get together and find out. (I guarantee they had to use spellchecker for embouchure.) The number was unknown. I deleted it. THEN, I got an actual call from two young black girls, on my same cell phone, a few days later. They were talking all stinky and nasty, like the intellectual midgets they were. I told them that Im a middle-aged married man, to which they had the insulting gall to say, Then what the f*** are you doing calling up young girls? Their number was unknown. How was I supposed to able to do that? THESE social trolls called ME. But Ive rarely known young girls to NOT be a bunch of sloppy, careless hypocrites. And THEN, just last night (Sat, 10 Jan 2015), I received another text with a completely bogus, made-up, cannabis-inspired email address: The number was: 1-541-275-0128. They tried to send me AN IMAGE... dear God!... but my flip-phone isnt designed to download them. Thank goodness! I was thinking of testing out the BS email address by trying to send out a message, but, I decided not to take a chance. IF my message were to get through, by some miracle, the disgusting amoebas on the other end would now have my name and email address, as well as my cell number. I might consider dialing this number (which came from Oregon) from a public payphone, and just not say anything. But why should I stoop to THEIR level? I have ZERO experience playing handball against the street curb.

July 16 2:25 pm
I get calls from this number at all different times of every day.

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