Phone Listings From Area Code 909-618 State Of California

  • Area Code : 909-618
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Mci Worldcom Communications...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Pomona
  • County: Los Angeles

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Latest Comments for 909-618

August 24 4:46 pm
Received a call from a 704-251-7637 only one ring and it hangs up. Me thinking maybe something happened to the connection on my phone plus I was waiting for a reply back from I called back...ran me through an automated system told me I won blah blah blah...quickly someone who sounds like from India picked up and told me I have won $100 rebate card for Walmart/target/best buy, $2,000 savings coupon for local retailer/restaurants, and a $25 dining certificate. Me thinking wow too good to be true...whats the gimmick? So goes and tells me but their will be a small fee to ship it out of $2.95.she probably sense I was going to hang up. She tried to convince me to check out their website or company.I was not able to pull any thing up by the company name Iprox premium company- website discount kepted on saying what ever you do dont hang up..she said that 3x.from there it was a wrap...hung her all the reviews online and they went through what I went through. So be aware, you could be a possible victim and you might not even know it!

July 11 4:46 am
I answerd the phone and the number was only 0s and they said my computer was getting virus is I dont know if its true and I want them to stop its really annoying

July 12 8:22 pm
I have wireless ATT on my cell phone and I have been getting this annoying number several times a week. I NEVER answer it. But would like to know what it is.

August 3 10:00 am
No, Im the piece of fraudulent excrement sitting next to you! I sit here all night trying to scam people, just like you! Dont you recognize my writing? You should..with all that education you received in our universities. What, didnt you finish our school? No! Well, no wonder then! If youd wired that money youd be smarter now! Right? Illiterate frauds are so simple. Let you babble, job done! You reveal yourselves every time you post. Youre a laugh a minute, and provide us our daily dose of idiocy in a concentrated form. Quite efficient of you, eh fraud-boy? Skeff Ett Liv! Gunnar

July 11 9:10 am
Just Received a phone call From This number.  Guy With a very thick accent could not understand him.  Very Much a scam, I would know if I had any criminal charges against me and they would already have all of my information.  Research Told me they got my info from some sort of pay-check advance company who got my info from a third party.  this advance company has also been skimming money off of my checking account and cause me to eliminate myself from having any bank account for the last two weeks.   Please look at you friends and familys bank accounts............

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