Phone Listings From Area Code 908-470 State Of New Jersey

  • Area Code : 908-470
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New Jersey, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Bedminster
  • County: Somerset

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Latest Comments for 908-470

August 23 11:58 pm
If you have a smart phone w/apps you can download YouMail app & ditch whatever calls you wish to ditch. Your phone will still to g but they will get a recording saying your phone line is out of service & cannot even leave a voicemail. For your contacts in your phone it will address them by the name you have them stored under. Its a cool free app. Ive been using it for sometime due to someone was harassing me but no more after this app.

August 14 3:29 am
I, as well as many thousands of others, have registered the Do Not Call list with the government. It does not work because i, and the many others, still get the calls. I just got one this afternoon from the 000-000-0 number. The Do Not Call list does not work for most of us but Im glad it works for you.

August 29 11:47 am
You may still get calls even if you are on the Do Not Call register. Political polling calls are not covered under Do Not Call, so telemarketers and spammers can get around the restrictions by asking you a political question. It will cut down on the number of calls you receive, even if it doesnt completely prevent them.

July 9 8:54 am
Got two calls today on my mobile from this number, about 2 hours apart. No voicemail, don't know the number.

August 16 6:44 am
I am a seller I would guess this guy found one of my adds. Same story wanted to buy a dress for the duaghters weding. phone was 209 560 6448. Says hes a Utah Security Agent and is not in the City right now. I have seen this type before poor english no grammar small i's likley African that is where most scams come from wanted to send Postal Money Orders. I said Cash in person or Bank Cashiers Checkthen he talked about a shipper.I sent my address and he said is on the way take my payment send the rest to his shipper, then a get a new message as if we never spoke wanting my email address his name Jacob Calderon.

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