Phone Listings From Area Code 903-812 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 903-812
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : New Cingular Wireless Pcs,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Longview
  • County: Gregg

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Latest Comments for 903-812

July 18 6:29 pm
In order to sue you must know who is calling, their legal name and address. Sometimes the caller SAYS he is from XYZ company in Florida but XYZ Company in florida claims it isnt them or XYZ Co went bankrupt 5 yrs ago or .the name is a Doing Business as name. Finding the real name of an unregistered DBA name or trade name is difficult at best. Since when do these telemarketers tell the truth

August 16 8:58 am
A Woman with an Indian accent claims to be with the IRS, said that a law suite has been filed against me for tax fraud.

July 1 2:47 pm
can any body help please?and the H1B visa fee is on me .what will happen if i already got the visa?

August 13 1:11 pm
The do not call list DOES NOT work...Ive been on it for years, keep it updated, but still get these scam calls. Nothing short of having your phone disconnected will stop them. It wasnt enough to just call my home phone, they then started calling my cell phone, which is on the DO NOT CALL list!

July 23 2:16 pm
N6mDoes anyone ever get #s such as (168-7513). My husbtand and I share this account, he gets those all the time. If you try call it a message comes up saying its text landline?? HELP

July 14 12:07 pm
Received the exact same call yesterday 7/27/11 at 1:00pm . Different number 1-407-358-9999 "Florida Call". This time it came in as "UNASSIGNED" . They are definitely using a computer to set-up spoof numbers. Don't press three or comply with any "directions" that can be used to I.D. you. This entire scenario is a phishing scam to rip you off. Any legit organization will identify itself and will gladly give you a valid phone number to call back to. Furthermore they will generally ask you if your account ends in specific numbers, they will not ask for any complete number to any account. As a general rule the legit companies won't talk to an answering machine, wastes time and money because they can't talk the machine into the product or service they are pushing. Only legit companies obey the law. So turn the calls in to your Attorney Generals Office as the first step. This provides the Feds with a verifiable complaint trail with times dates and number of occurrences, as well as a state by state pattern. I've gone this route before and it works! It requires patience in gathering enough info to make the complaint solid and worth filing both for you and the A.G.'s office. Happy creep hunting.

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