Phone Listings From Area Code 870-265 State Of Arkansas

  • Area Code : 870-265
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Lake Village
  • County: Chicot

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Latest Comments for 870-265

August 20 4:22 pm
Yeah until they sell the sheet with your name on it and someone else buys if for a penny on the dollar. By the way, debt collectors cannot make a judgement against anyone. Only a judge can do that in a court hearing. Also since there was no debt validation, that debt could have possibly been someone elses and you paid it so now you are out $3200 dollars.All this is assuming I believe you, which I dont. Especially when it comes to this merry band of thieves.

August 14 5:03 am
Called, didn't answer, no voice mail. Thanks to Mr Number and the fantastic users, this is another one getting blocked. Thanks everyone for posting!

July 30 12:15 pm
This number is apart of one big scam. These people want you to become a personal assistant and wire money for them. They appear to work for Magic Jack art supplies and the checks are from manufactores. The regional manager (who you're working for) is on a business trip in Mexico (or something) so they need you to deposit and wire the money. The kicker is, you get 10% commision of the check. THE CHECK IS A COUNTERFEITED CHECK! Once you deposit it into yourr account, your account will be blocked and will also go under investigation. You lose everything you have in your account!

July 7 11:22 pm
two calls from this number without msgs

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