Phone Listings From Area Code 850-499 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 850-499
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Cellco Partnership Dba Veri...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Fort Walton Beach
  • County: Okaloosa

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Latest Comments for 850-499

July 8 10:59 am
Aint that amazing, the political class has exempted themselves, same as they do for income taxes, Obamacare and on and on. Personally Ive made calls for a candidate, I support, and some people say put me on your do not call list. With a smile I courteously say okay and thanks. Then go to the next number and those people might get called again, this time, by others or in the next election cycle.

July 19 8:24 pm
all i wanna no if its sombody else ?

August 4 9:53 pm
card services telemarketing

August 28 11:49 pm
Same thing with me...I wud NEVER send someone money who was buying something FROM me!! Called himself Ben Moore when I spoke to him. This man is a complete FRAUD and I hope no one falls for his tricks!!!!!!!

August 6 2:31 pm
Person calling said they represent the National Law Group. I asked for mailing address, then told them I knew they were a collection agency, which the caller denied. I told the caller the person she was calling about did not live here, never had lived here and never would live here. We asked the firm a couple of times (on prior calls)  to remove our phone number from their file on the person they were looking for. Person calling, Dana, said they could not until they heard from the person they were looking for. I argued that they could, and that the other person had no authority to determine whether or not my name appeared on their file. The caller said she wasn't going to sit there and argue with me. I told her I would argue with her every time she called, and I would not give out personal information on anyone over the phone. I succeeded in making her angry enough that she hung up after muttering something like, "we won't call you again." I will probably send a "cease and desist" letter ASAP.

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