Phone Listings From Area Code 850-305 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 850-305
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Sprint Spectrum L.p.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Crestview
  • County: Okaloosa

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Latest Comments for 850-305

July 30 11:45 pm
How can you say that you dont pay until kitchen is finished. That is a lie. Our credit card was charged $20,000 before any work was even started on our kitchen. This was NOT what the salesperson told us and all the other Kitchen Carolina customers. Maybe the 1st few kitchens that were completed were OK but right now I wouldnt let anyone associated with Kitchen Carolina near my home.

August 10 3:29 am
Guy with heavy accent said he was calling from US government grant program in Washington DC, and that I had been selected to receive a grant in the amount of $9000. As long as I used it for only good purposes, it did not have to be paid back. He noted that I was specifically selected because I was a person in good standing with no criminal record, and only 1700 people in my city were selected for a similar award last year. (Wow! What an honor! There are only about 10,000 households in my city so about 1 out of every 6 is getting this windfall!) He would give me a 5 digit claim # and a phone # to call to collect my prize. However, I cut him off before he wasted any more of my time, saying he was a scamster, and he in turn called me a scamster. After arguing back and forth for a few moments, I hung up. Curiously, almost 3 hours later, he called me again, apparently not realizing we had talked earlier. I pretended to be hard of hearing so he just hung up.

July 27 11:36 pm
I answered this call when it rang- it was a recording stating Congratulations! You have been selected for a free cruise to the Bahamas!... at this point I hung up and blocked the number.

July 11 10:21 am
They said the dmv says im overpaying for auto insurance

August 29 3:17 am
Roberts home phone 586-623-5523ring his phone and disturb him...

August 24 3:59 am
This number appears because a child can log onto and instant message.  This is unique, because you do not get charged for internet time, but obviously you do get charged for txt messages.  AT&T has a parent filtering option for 4.99 in which you can limit the number of text msgs your child sends and recieves every month. I just signed up for it.  You can also shut your childs phone off during certain times as well.  Anyways-I hope this help answer any questions.  Parents get the family txt msg plan, you are crazy not to have unlimited txt opt with children or another option have them pay for the plan if they are going to txt.

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