Phone Listings From Area Code 847-901 State Of Illinois

  • Area Code : 847-901
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Ovation Communications Of I...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Glenview
  • County: Cook

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Latest Comments for 847-901

July 21 9:19 pm
Total scam as you can see from the posts above! They scammed my buddies body shop here in Edmonton out off 700 dollars!! They will call you until you cave, dont do it!!! They claim they ordered their service over the phone but sidnt they are convincing and will make it seem that you did something wrong. Im emailed this link to other frinds and small businesses so they dont fall for it to. Report them, send this link around and stop them!!!

July 20 11:13 am
problem is that the donotcall list is simply the honor system. its not a mechanism to prevent the call from being completed. it does stop legitimate organizations that choose to follow the law. its all the phishers that most people on these forums are complaining about

July 27 8:30 am
Just like everyone else these Law Breakers call here Unsolicited all the time. Today was Different, I tooka Stand for My Privacy Rights. Since these A-Holes don't Respect My Privacy then I Declare War onThem All. It's Time For Us All To Take A Brave Stand. From now on when they call, They will be theVictim. They are out for the Cussing of their Life Just like I did this last guy. Since they are Breaking theLaw by calling us on the Do Not Call List then they are Mine for what ever comes out of my mouth andI'll assure you it isn't Nice. Take a Stand with me and lets Attack these Law Breakers for Violating ourPrivacy. I even bought a Whistle to Blow in their Ears. Works Great for those who don't want to Cuss.Take A Stand For Your Rights and Give Um Hell!Spammers Name and Number: PHONE SERVICE - 253-382-9098

July 15 10:05 pm
this number keeps calling and texting random sexually explicit things.

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