Phone Listings From Area Code 845-831 State Of New York

  • Area Code : 845-831
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New York, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Beacon
  • County: Dutchess

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Latest Comments for 845-831

July 17 11:55 am
This is a BIG TIME SCAM.Citi NEVER asks for your social security number.and the folks at the end of this line asked me for it when I called them back. I was suspicious and when I refused to give them the SS Number, I told them I would be happy to give them my street address and have THEM tell me what the last four digits of my card number are. I have four accounts with Citi but the guy with the odd accent at the end then immediately hung up. I called the fraud division of Citibank and reported this. They asked for the number and then CALLED it...the operator told me that it was definitely a scam and anyone writing on this blog that says it is legit is lying. These people should be put up against a wall and shot dead. Maybe those second ammendment rights should be allowed all of us who work hard, pay our bills on time, and work an HONEST job...this scum should be removed from the worlds gene pool, there is NO redeeming quality in any one of them and they should not be breathing the same air as we all do.

August 22 11:03 am
yeah, I am on Verizon Wireless and thats who is doing the calling. I went to the sales office and they said they didnt know what to do but to go to the web site or call 611. I did both of those things but it was a waste of my time. They both were dead end streets. Im thinking of switching service providers, thats all I can do. One call I was able to catch was a Wells Fargo Visa Card agent.

August 17 9:39 am
I have received the same thing twice this week. Once I answered just because I was curious what lame company had a 000-000-0 number and all it was was silence and finally a recorded goodbye. Today I let it ring when I saw the same number on the caller ID and the same thing is now on my answering machine.just a pause and then Goodbye. So strange.

July 6 11:45 pm
Ive got about 6 texts in the pastweek asking me ti text back for oral sex.

July 4 3:40 am
I got call. I missed that. When I call back phone is not connected. don't know whose number it is.-

July 30 3:57 am
A man on the line asked for Martin.  I replied there's no Martin here.  The man said sorry and we got off the phone.

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