Phone Listings From Area Code 843-383 State Of South Carolina

  • Area Code : 843-383
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Hartsville
  • County: Darlington

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August 21 10:24 am
Asset Acceptance Fraud! A woman called left message on voicemail -saying if I was JOHN DOE -I should call her back about a personal matter at 1-800-545-9931 extXXX Vicky Lee.Asset Acceptance. The number calling - 248-605-0943 registered as on caller ID- of course was different. Very familar with these bottom-feeder company out of Warren, Michigan. They hire desperate Michiganders workers needing a job to collect old unpaid money claims from companies who have written off your account many-many years ago. My story is they dont even have the RIGHT PERSON who they say they want. Similar yes- JOHN - but last name not even close. But they keep calling -with new people with the same game. BOTTOM LINE- DONT WORRY THEY CANT HURT YOU ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT OR TAKE YOU TO COURT -IT OLD CLAIMS. BUT YOU CAN REPORT THEM FOR Harassment.Who they claim to be:Asset Acceptance is a Warren, Michigan-based company that purchases charged-off consumer debt from credit issuers, and then uses proprietary methods to collect on these receivables. Corporate Address:Asset Acceptance Capital Corp.P.O. Box 2036-? NO REAL STREET ADDRESS-Warren, MI 48090-2036Check out this website! YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY VICTIM -THEY TRIED THIS ON.

August 22 5:09 am
My number is also on the no call list and yet this 000 000 0 number keeps calling . I will keep not answering , but it is very annoying.

July 15 11:03 am
recorded message saying the FBI reports there's a break in 15 seconds hung up after that. how do these scum bypass the fed DO NOT CALL LIST? i update my do not call list status monthly

August 6 6:30 pm
I could win a free ipad 3

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