Phone Listings From Area Code 831-937 State Of California

  • Area Code : 831-937
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Carmel
  • County: Monterey

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Latest Comments for 831-937

August 1 7:10 am
Do you not understand that they are also giving out bogus numbers when you look at your caller ID?.. They cant do anything about a non-existent number, period. So reporting that number would be pointless. They would then have a report about a number that isnt a real number so who are they going to tie that number to? With computer technology it has become just as simple to show a false number over caller-ID as it is to show a false e-mail address over the internet. People have been able to do that for a very long time. I was just called this morning from a 021620, which is not even a valid number unless it was international. Even then Im not sure thats an actual number. I cant find it anywhere online; not even a record of anyone else being called by it. When I look at my phone records it doesnt even show that it called. I answered but they/the machine must have broke the connection right before I did so because I looked back down at the phone and wasnt connected after saying hello a couple times. Otherwise I can only guess it was a computer error on Tmobiles end.

August 19 2:24 am
Telemarketer they do have a call removal system

July 16 10:06 pm
Spam! Calling at 11:30 pm. No idea how they got my number

July 2 5:04 am
ces is a scam-save u money make that work-nevermind they call up with other entities name (like liberty power etc) and they are not them! they dont even have and brokers lic listed on any puc website-and people are right-try to call them- noone answers and if they f*** up they will (cant) fix it ... fyi...they are a scientology based driven funded company and force training on you based on the works of ron hubbard- i reported them- and last known there is investigation going on... on top of that they set there building on fire to move and try to collect $$ and paid off/laid off employees that knew of it !!!

July 13 12:46 pm
Received call from 1-888-121-4563 - Only the number showed for the Call Id. When I answered the phone, no one would talk so I just hung up.

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