Phone Listings From Area Code 828-498 State Of North Carolina

  • Area Code : 828-498
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Frontier Communications Of...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Robbinsville
  • County: Graham

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Latest Comments for 828-498

August 18 4:28 am
Spamming under multiple names again, too much time on your hands this weekend because you have no life, no friends, and no education? Spam post reported.

July 9 11:25 am
Hi Everyone, PAS has the right idea!!! I also have a Panasonic talking phone - they are wonderful! Unfortunately, charities use telemarketers because there are enough people that give that way to make it worth their while to do so. Giving directly to a charity is the best way and much of your $ will go where you intended it to go.

August 10 3:18 am
Same message as above from this number and they claimed to be Christians and this was 100% on the level and would never deceive me.They told me I won 3.5 million dollars and a new Mercedes car.How can we get these guys in jail? Who can we get to arrest them and stop these deception?They called themselves Jack Wilson and John Lucky and worked for Publisher Clearing House.Beware of them!

July 10 12:11 am
They asked if I wanted money for the new year.

August 14 2:11 am
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