Phone Listings From Area Code 816-716 State Of Missouri

  • Area Code : 816-716
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Aerial Communications
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Kansas City
  • County: Jackson

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Latest Comments for 816-716

August 16 9:51 am
This is a scam, believe me its to good to be true. I called the the number 1-855-436-5694. A guy name Xavier answered the phone, I asked him several questions. What was the name of his company, he stated Select Travel in New Mexico. How come there is no address or web site for this company on the fax I received ? If you received this fax most likely you got it at work or your place of business. At least every other month or so I receive these incredible deals, it seems like they all the same, different numbers and no business address or website .My advice stay clear.

July 18 5:44 am
Wife answered a call from Stoney Shirley at 10:44 PM 1/7/2015. Wanted to talk about my computer. My wife told her we dont have a computer in a similar dialect. They hung up.

July 13 6:39 am
The DNC list has to be purchased. The illegal callers dont need to purchase a list when all they have to do is plumb numbers into dialers or computers and go for it..By State DNC lists: ... -rule#DNCrights

July 8 2:01 am
It DOES NOT work! They might be in it together! donotcall SELLS the phone numbers!

July 15 6:26 pm
It is a real AT&T number, dont listen to these idiots that say it isnt. I work there so should know, Jesus there are a lot of ignorant people on here !!

July 21 9:44 am
Several text messages from this number? Who the F**K is this!

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