Phone Listings From Area Code 815-233 State Of Illinois

  • Area Code : 815-233
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Frontier North, Inc. Il
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Freeport
  • County: Stephenson

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Latest Comments for 815-233

July 25 2:45 am
I forward my telemarketing calls to the local fake charity. They call for clothes donations to pick up and they have a resales store. Anything they cant make a profit on, they give to a real charity to avoid paying disposal cost. We have two big ones that operate just across the City Limits lines here near Atlanta. The stay out of local Police jurisdiction to avoid local laws (I called the police on both, they could not do anything to them) Now they use Voip phones so they can hide behind spoofed phone numbers they can rotate. This cheats the real charities two ways. They sell the good stuff for a private business and the REAL charities dont get the nice things. Then the REAL charities have to pay the cost for disposing of things damaged or beyond repair. All while the FAKE charities make great profits by selling the stuff at no cost to them, And using the charity front for tax breaks, Transferring the resell able items to the business side of the operations.So add it up, they only pay cost to pick up things that people think are for needy, no product cost, Tax breaks from deceiving the good people, No disposal cost since they dump the junk on legitimate charities. Is there any reason to feel guilty for making these maggots suffer?

July 19 3:54 pm
I got a call from this # today but I googled it before answering and came across your posts. Thanks for the head up as it probably saved me alot of headaches.

August 28 10:21 pm
Arfe you kidding, the site is a big scam. The DNC site will sell your number and your calls will more than double.

August 8 10:44 am
Why are you calling me? YOu then hang up

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