Phone Listings From Area Code 814-313 State Of Pennsylvania

  • Area Code : 814-313
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : At&t Local
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Warren
  • County: Warren

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Latest Comments for 814-313

July 8 7:17 am
This is one of the phone numbers SKYPE uses for their INDIA international call lines.I own a small company. I get a lot of business calls from India from this number.The problem is with the scammers from India using SKYPE as well. No way to report them.

July 7 7:31 pm
Its a scam artist... He just called me too, 6/7/2014 at 2PM... Said his company installed some safe-guard software on my computer and my computer was not responding to it. He wanted me to log in so he could guide me through the removal process for a refund of $199.00. Funny thing is I did add an IP address blocker and Windows Defender through a Microsoft endorsed company in India, about two months ago, and actually received a partial refund from them because my computer was not compatible with some of the latest software. This guy calling from area code 661 is definitely a mole. The company I used was called Pairsys not A1, but sounds like he gathers info from Pairsys or Microsoft. Microsoft really needs to pick up the ball on this.

July 29 3:21 am
same thing happened to me,,,i answered phone and there was a pause and thenGood bye,,like whats up with that,,found it strange!!

August 30 4:17 am
They ripped my little store off $1000s what a nightmare I am do dirty I ever listened to these people they dustryed my business now I am on welfare living on the street my wife told me not to do this but I didnt listen now we are divorced over it and I never see my children

August 9 4:20 pm
I have received more than 150 (I have them documented) calls from these criminals. I have filed more that 50 complaints with the FTC but due to the volume of these scammers I don't think they will ever stop any of them.I find that I get great enjoyment by pressing 1 and talking to one of their "reps". I have a phony name, credit card number, security code and social security number that I use. The only legitimate number that I give them is the customer service number from a card that I no longer use since they raised my rates. I try to ask the criminals as many questions as possibe to keep them on the phone as long as I can. The scammers seem to get upset once they finally figure out that THEY are getting scammed. I guess they think their time is more valuable than mine.

July 2 3:37 am
This is a SCAMMER Folks!  Do not give yoru SSN!

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