Phone Listings From Area Code 808-505 State Of Hawaii

  • Area Code : 808-505
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Honolulu
  • County: Honolulu

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Latest Comments for 808-505

July 12 8:16 pm
I received a call from this number tonight saying they where Telstra & I havent paid my last phone bill, which I have they ask me for my credit card details, I said I don,t believe you are Telstra & they hung up. I have contacted Telstra they have told me they wouldnt, make calls like this. Watch out everyone this is a scam

July 30 3:53 am
Called again today. Asked for the CEO by name, when told he was not available they wanted someone in charge of the merchant account. I said if we already do business with you you would know who you need to speak to and then hung up. She called right back and asked for the person in charge of the merchant account. I told her that person does NOT take calls from telemarketers. She told me to have a nice day in a smarta$$ tone and hung up.

August 29 12:56 am
Clearly her phone was inserting a c where a space needed to be, so what she said honestly does make sense. If it intrigued you enough to insult her grammar you may should hone your observational skills before being quick to insult.

August 9 12:12 pm
calls from 844-552-4553 everyday for a week - just static - no one on the other end - caller I.D. doesnt identify caller,

July 14 12:16 am
I have never heard such garbage. Left a lengthly recorded msg about making me rich. Dialed back, got more of the same, then a woman and more of the same. Said push "9" to get off their list. That's a joke. They wouldn't stop yapping long enough and I have lived long enough to know that no one is going to make me rich. What a crock!

August 1 8:36 pm
I dont want to lady contacting me in anyway or fashion

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