Phone Listings From Area Code 804-302 State Of Virginia

  • Area Code : 804-302
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Telcove Of Virginia, Llc Va
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Midlothian
  • County: Chesterfield

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Latest Comments for 804-302

July 4 12:19 pm
They are in fact a scam, a very elaborate and convincing scam. No they are NOT associated with Citi; the first thing they ask for is social security number or credit card. Do NOT give your personal info away. I called Citi and they said they will never ask for that because they already have the account info they will only ask for the last four digits only. Also they confirmed this number does not belong to Citi. Please be careful and report this to the Attorney General.

July 14 7:31 pm
4 more calls this morning. Other than annoying me i am not sure of the point of this whole experience.

July 13 12:18 pm
Received 4 text messages from this number saying they reviewed my application for a receptionist positionI applied for and to call 888-523-1045.  Instead, I called the 312 number back, "Diana" from "The Employee Network" answered "Hello is this _____ " - she used my first name.  She claimed she was a third party service for an "employer who wanted to remain confidential".  She proceeded to try to "verify" my information but declined to answer the job engine she got my number from.  She got very irritated when I refused to give information and when I told her most employers don't text perspective employees, she replied, "But that is your opinion, correct?  Should I just tell them you are not interested and we will not contact you anymore, then?"  I think she got pissed when I told her yes LOL - SPAM indeed.

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