Phone Listings From Area Code 801-618 State Of Utah

  • Area Code : 801-618
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Pac West Telecomm, Inc. Ut
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Draper
  • County: Salt Lake

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Latest Comments for 801-618

August 25 8:50 pm
Was selling a brand new dress I never wore for $95. Got a text from this number saying: I am willing to purchase this item as a B.D gift for my friend in Africa and I will offer you $200 for just the shipping only through PayPal. Thanks. It sounded very fishy so I did some research. I called the number.. it is only a texting number (hint, fake). and I then I Googled the number and found this thread. its a spam so dont give this person the time of the day.

July 22 1:49 am
Same call as others, repair windows May 15/14 at 9am.

August 5 9:11 am
stop f%%%%%% calling my phone

July 14 7:34 am
My experience was the same. Automated system with my name, then music asking me to hold for 3 minutes before I disconnected

August 8 3:03 am
Left a message saying with silence

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