Phone Listings From Area Code 801-545 State Of Utah

  • Area Code : 801-545
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Qwest Corporation
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Sandy
  • County: Salt Lake

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Latest Comments for 801-545

July 3 6:58 pm
just ordered bake a bone three days ago five calls a day since

July 11 2:22 am
yup thats exactly what he told me too that he was a process server and was serving papers but the address he gave me was my exs old number but he was looking for my oldest son

July 2 9:43 am
The donotcall site doesnt work. If they use an auto dialer, they will still call you!

July 21 3:26 pm
They call my job and are rude to the people who answer the phones when asked to leave a message

July 6 2:35 pm
calls every other hour an day

July 30 7:19 pm
Got a call, this number was on the caller ID.  The guy asked if I was home but then when my wife said yes, he did not respond.  When she asked after a moment if he needed to talk to me, he got mad and started blathering on about phone edicate and how it's assumed that when you ask if someone is home that they should put them on.  He then hung up.  The caller ID number is a spoof number and not where the call comes from,  If you dial it, it tells you the number has been disconnected.

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