Phone Listings From Area Code 785-841 State Of Kansas

  • Area Code : 785-841
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Lawrence
  • County: Douglas

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August 11 12:17 pm
You are absolutely wrong!! Be Kind is correct. It DOES go to the heirs (children). If you do not pay the maintenance fees, they have the right to put a lien on your property & will ruin your credit. If you dont care about your credit or your ability to purchase on credit cards, then dont pay the fee. These companies have closed all the loopholes now & are just greedy, money grubbing thieves. Especially Diamond Resorts, they are the worst. They hold you hostage in their sales update meetings until they bleed you dry & then want more. If anyone reads this, DO NOT buy a timeshare, unless you are willing to pay the outrageous fees the REST of your life & then on to your children. I have been getting calls from the above number & will not answer. They are preying upon your desire to get out & will charge a fee & then say Oh sorry, I lost your buyer. But if you pay me more money Im sure I can find another. Scammers!! Sign me Sorry I ever bought into the Timeshare Rat Hole.

July 23 9:52 am
I just received the same call today saying Im the 7th place winner in the PCH lottery. They said I won $855K and a 2013 Mercedes Benz. The guy calling was a truck driver named John Dixon and that he was 45 minutes outside my house and that I had to call 876-893-1016 ext 5 and talk to Mark Anderson. They said I had to go to Dollar General to buy a confirmation card for 1% of the check totaling $499. I called PCH and they said it was a scam. Beware of this number.

August 27 7:56 pm
I have Verizon but my friend gets these calls and he has AT&T

July 13 12:17 am
Ahmadinejad says Iran ready for nuclear talks. These country is responsible for the hell on earth and God will burn is hell and rape you and i will dance on your death...

August 28 5:39 pm
Just got a call and did not answer.

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