Phone Listings From Area Code 775-463 State Of Nevada

  • Area Code : 775-463
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Frontier Communications Of...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Yerington
  • County: Lyon

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Latest Comments for 775-463

August 2 11:53 am
I got a call today 2 days in a row from 951 324 5654. Its a scam. Be careful and block your number. They try and get your info to get access to your accounts. The people calling are not even from the USA they are calling from another country. In addition I would block that number from your ell phone as scammers use the 1 ring call and in some cases if you call back they get access to your line and rack up your bill.

July 10 12:56 am
They just call. And they would give me a name or what it was pretaining to. When i asj for they name they hung up.

July 15 9:32 am
This was an old debt that I closed 13 years ago. Now I have to pay this debt. Sort of conflicting statements there are they not? After all if you closed the debt out 13 years ago, then no debt existed so why would you have to pay it? So could you also explain how this company sued you when the statute of limitations in North Carolina for most civil debt is 3 years? Unless it was malpractice in which case it is 4 years, or within 1 year of discovery up to a max of 15 years. Judgements are also only good for 10 years. So it sort of looks like your case was simply not able to be brought before a judge unless you ignored the court summons and did not show up. Did you also know that it is against Federal law to sue someone past the SOL? Of course you did not or at least you do not care since you are simply another ignorant criminal in the employment of this criminal enterprise attempting to lend validity to your extortion scheme.

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