Phone Listings From Area Code 770-267 State Of Georgia

  • Area Code : 770-267
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Windstream Georgia Communic...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Monroe
  • County: Walton

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Latest Comments for 770-267

August 22 4:11 am
Robocall to sell Solar panels, no thanks, my Grandma needs one to tan her butt.

July 28 8:08 pm
Oh and since you want to be so techinal, you one doesnt flunk school Ms. Smartypants, but subjects in school. School is a place not a course or subject. Just sayin

July 1 9:08 pm
Called on my listing for Travel trailer. Said he wanted to buy it. All he needed was my paypal e-mail and full name. He wanted to buy and have someone else pick it up.

August 8 6:06 am
A real scam! Supposedly TV Guide also. Addressed me by my first name. Wanted to confirm that my issues were being received on time, etc. When I said "You don't really represent TV Guide, do you" he said he represents the company that does the billing. When I asked how he got my phone number and said that TV Guide doesn't have my phone number, he said that my phone number was on file with the credit card.  He wanted to confirm my Visa card number "which begins with the number 4..." (I would guess that all Visa account numbers begin with a 4... duh)

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