Phone Listings From Area Code 760-761 State Of California

  • Area Code : 760-761
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Pacific Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: San Marcos
  • County: San Diego

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Latest Comments for 760-761

July 10 7:30 am
Ive been receiving daily, frequent calls from this number, with the Caller ID showing UnitedHlthCar. The first call I answered (have ignored ever since) found me immediately being bombarded with requests for my personal information before I can talk to you. Kept insisting she needed my birthdate, address, etc. Refusing to cooperate with her, she stated a year of birth and asked if that was correct. I told her, Ive never had this happen with any insurance company, and that includes United Health Care. I only give that information to the company when I call them. After more of these frequent, irritating phone calls, I called UHC and talked to an employee today about these calls. She looked up the number and stated it did not belong to UHC. After she noted they are in the process of updating their information to see if anyone has additional health insurance (a common practice, I know), she said they would never call for what the one girl called about (some program that is not even a part of my policy). Today, call #2 came through late in the afternoon. I called UHC again and talked to another employee. She also stated this is definitely not their number, nor would they ever ask for all the personal information the one girl asked for the one and only time I answered a call from this number. This employee told me they are getting calls questioning the calls from this phone number (good job everyone!). As a result of alot of research, I will stand behind UHC and believe them. Scammers are scamming more than ever. Whats ironic is the girl that was insisting that she needed ALL my personal information or (she) couldnt talk to me (Boo Hoo! NOT!), she stated she would never give out her date of birth to anyone that called her. If I hadnt been feeling ill at the time, as well as very busy, I would have busted a gut laughing at that statement. Instead, I just wanted to pull her head through the phone line and ask her what she could not comprehend about what I was telling her. Then again, common sense does not prevail these days. Too bad one of the options for Call Type isnt Scammer!.Never stop being on guard, people!

August 2 9:55 am
Solicits donations for non-profit org

August 5 10:21 am
A company selling health insurance.

July 30 3:25 am
I have received many calls from this phone number.

August 8 12:52 am

August 2 3:13 am
my 17yr old son got the same message and he responded,not knowing, so when i called Netspend they advised us that it is a SCAM,and closed the account, luckily all his cash was off of the card, delete that message if you get it. And Yes, just about ALL Netspend accts start with 4039.

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