Phone Listings From Area Code 757-493 State Of Virginia

  • Area Code : 757-493
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon Virginia, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Virginia Beach
  • County: Virginia Beach City

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Latest Comments for 757-493

August 23 8:22 pm
Funny, got a call from the number this morning I didnt answer. Tried to call the number (after typing *67, which blocks them from seeing your number on caller ID), and its a disconnected number. Coincidence - I was expecting a call form Alameda.

August 6 8:31 am
Do your homework Jack, R&J is not a collection agency, it wouldnt suprise me if this was Shawn Bradley possing as Jack Smith. I called the attorney generals office and this IS A SCAM! If you did your homework R&J consulting and JJD collections are the same people, same phone # and same address. In fact, the address they gave me is in a plaza and is the address to the ups store, imagine that. And the phone # that calls with a case # is a land line, in fact, when I called the # back and asked for an address where there located, John Howard didnt know what to say and hung up on me. Get the facts and dont fall for this scam!!

July 2 6:21 am
this company is called american direct.  they are a factory direct furniture company with a catalog and showrooms in cinci and colubus OH and austin TX.  They call to invite you to the showroom and send a catalog.  ask them to remove you from their calling list.  they are very nice about it.  also, if you are on the ' national do not call list' file a complaint.

July 7 8:23 pm
He was saying won 100$ card bla bla

July 7 6:13 am
Unknown number. Don't answer & they never leave a msg.

July 6 1:30 pm
Wrong camel breath, I DO use my cell when applying for credit because I can block their numbers or set them to "No Ring." And I can change my cell number with ease. Its my home landline number that I hold sacred and don't want to change, so I never use that with creditors.

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