Phone Listings From Area Code 734-548 State Of Michigan

  • Area Code : 734-548
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : New Cingular Wireless Pcs,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Ypsilanti
  • County: Washtenaw

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Latest Comments for 734-548

August 26 8:17 pm
Iv had this call 4 times, the first time i counldnt explain it to people like how someone accually called me from this 8+ number, no one like belived me, so then finaly yesterday i was with my friends, and they called i answerd nothing for like 30 seconds then it hangsup. that was at 9:32 pm yesterday then i get another one at 2 23 am. i didnt answer for that one, i just dont understand how they get my number

July 17 5:44 am
Just got the same message. Have been getting it for weeks.

August 13 7:38 pm
Got a text from this number saying "hey ;)" then they proceeded acting as if they were some girl I that knows me... They then proceeded to ask me to add them on yahoo messenger while was clearly telling them hand no clue who they were

August 11 7:04 am
A telemarketer called me today on my cell phone telling me how in 20 seconds he could get me hundreds of free dvd's.  I kept trying to speak but he obviously would not shut up.  If these damn people want to use my minutes and pay my cell phone bill then by all means continue calling.  If not, leave me the hell alone.  Further, if it is a legitimate business, have a website where the public can order what you are selling or express our views about you.

July 15 10:56 pm
getting calls to my cell phone from this same number... 678-245-4801... who is this? what do they want... they will not stop calling and don't leave a message...   when i call the number i get a message recording saying "the person i am trying to reach is not able to receive your call"...

July 19 7:32 am
i take the phone to bathroom when they answer i flush the toilet wishing they were a turd, credit card services is like a fly they eat turds and bother people

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