Phone Listings From Area Code 719-380 State Of Colorado

  • Area Code : 719-380
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Qwest Corporation
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Colorado Springs
  • County: El Paso

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Latest Comments for 719-380

July 2 11:48 pm
the donotcall registry is a crock of sh*t. I get innundated with calls from all over the county, with at least 4-5 a day coming from 000-000-0...last week? I registered 38 calls from various people, with the vast majority coming from these jerks...Ive heard about a CALLBLOCK device that can be bought and stores around 80 telephone numbers... your local telephone company also sells a call blocking feature where you can store numbers you dont want to be bothered local telco, verizon, offers it with storage of up to 25 numbers... I feel this is the only way for peace and quiet in the comforts of my own home...

July 13 4:10 pm
anti-stalker efforts.these people target individuals and call their new numbers to stalk people.warning if you get a call from this number or from 253-777-4830, 253-666-4590 call the police and report stalking.

August 14 9:24 am
recording. asks if you want to save money on your electric bill. click

August 3 2:27 am
Get calls 4 & 5 times a day. When you answer you're put on hold. Then I was told about credit card protection. So I asked who they were, they stated "they were from credit card services" telling me they were offering customers in good standing, credit card protection and was asked my credit card number. LOL... I said if you were legitimate you would have all of that pertinent info if you were from the company. She hung up! Now the same number still calls & calls, sometimes you go on hold, other times no one is on the other end!

August 6 12:16 pm
second addition - Regarding Mr. Freeman of DR Associates.  I looked up  the company name and came up with a company in Davis, Califoria.  I called and spoke with a Mr. Ruben.  He said that Freeman did not work for his company and that he was giving DR Assoc. a bad name, furthermore he was forwarding all the information I gave him and three other people who have also called to his lawyer.

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