Phone Listings From Area Code 718-932 State Of New York

  • Area Code : 718-932
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New York, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Astoria
  • County: Queens

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Latest Comments for 718-932

August 15 9:25 pm
I had a call from 1-000-000! It showed up as Unavailable but I could see the phone number, and when I said hello, there was a short silence then the person said Goodbye so I hung up.

August 9 11:21 pm
Gave the phone to my 3 year old and told her it was Santa

August 7 2:00 am
Got a call today from this number. The man stated it was for a position to sign up union members for benefits. Now here is the weird part, he asked if I had sales experience and said that he had not seen my resume but his manager did. Huh? If he doesnt know what my experience is why is he talking to me? I repeatedly asked if this was a sales position and finally got a yes. I asked Is this insurance sales? and also got a yes. Needless to say, I said I wasnt interested. Yikes!

July 3 2:11 am
It doesnt work! Ive been on it for several years and I have filed complaints about telemarketers. I have more calls now than before Do Not Call started. I think maybe THEY give out our numbers to keep them busy at their jobs, which are paid for with our taxpayer money.

July 2 6:15 pm
michael Karaguzian owns the scam and scam merchants his name is all over Card Pricessing Services 6000 cite des neiges his little partners are Daniel Talafre and Steven Geffin they rip off merchants they ripped me off

July 9 1:10 am
These people call then sell the information to office suppliers like furniture stores.  I tell them I am moving then when the office supplier calls I call the owner manager and complain.  They often don't realize this is a scam.  I make sure they know and don't support these idiots.

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