Phone Listings From Area Code 718-486 State Of New York

  • Area Code : 718-486
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New York, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Brooklyn
  • County: Kings

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Latest Comments for 718-486

July 15 10:37 pm
Caller ID Cell Phone NY ... DEC 11@3:48pm Eastern time I do not answer calls I dont know. They did not leave a message.

August 21 8:31 am
It may be a legitimate number belonging to a target of the U.S.'s global covert war against liberals, which has been cloned to harass people so that the target is wrongly indicted as antisocial, or it may simply be Low-Intensity Conflict ("LIC") designed by our military dictatorship to interrupt what you're doing and/or create a problem for you to solve, diverting your attention from other, more important and more valuable work, such as human and civil rights activity, because this type of extra-judicial, state-sponsored terrorism is what revocation of FISA via the Patriot Act has enabled, among other things:

August 10 4:59 am
Another "spam" call. Seems the Govt. is useless when it comes to stopping this stuff what makes them think continuing to rehash Bengazi will be more effective

August 17 2:18 pm
same but slammed my phone 4x with subsequent calls. I already have them blocked. Just reporting their tactics. Probably even a spoofed name too

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