Phone Listings From Area Code 718-318 State Of New York

  • Area Code : 718-318
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New York, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Rockaway Park
  • County: Queens

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Latest Comments for 718-318

July 18 12:57 pm
Just got the call from Michigan - didnt answer - came here to 800 notes to post it.Its not even10am here in Los Angeles and we have already had 6 telemarketer calls!!!We block entire area codes and this 269 was one of the few area codes that we did not have blocked - BUT THEY ARE BLOCKED NOW!!!Please purchase a call blocking phone or device, they work and they are inexpensive!

July 29 7:47 am
They called me today claiming to be RS Associates. They claimed that I had a Wells Fargo checking account that went into collections and were trying to serve me. I asked why it did not show up on my credit report and they said that it wouldnt because it wasnt a line of credit and that it only shows up on a checking reporting system. They also said they sent a 30 day notice to my address to settle the account for about a 3rd of the damages they were seeking. I said I never received anything like that(which I didnt) so they nicely offered to settle the account again. I said I wanted to contact Wells Fargo and confirm that the account was legitimate and he said that they would not have any record of the account. Thats when the warning bells really started going off, banks keep better records than that. When he asked for my debit card information to pay off the amount, I told him to go screw himself(in so many words). Definitely a scam, I hope they havent scammed too many people, and I hope theyre caught soon.

August 19 8:38 pm
I am getting 000-000-0 calls. Plus several calls per day from 855, 662, 858 and 259 area codes. I received a voice mail from a woman stating she was from the credit protection agency and was investigating a case against me by my ex-husband. I AM WITH VERIZON!

August 5 6:08 pm
Received text message saying As part of their security measures. Card Services for Credit Unions Inc. USA FLORIDA ST. PETERSBURG decided to temporarily flag my my credit card and to call 1-2070517-2-61 and unflag my card.

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