Phone Listings From Area Code 717-769 State Of Pennsylvania

  • Area Code : 717-769
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Level 3 Communications, Llc...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Lebanon
  • County: Lebanon

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Latest Comments for 717-769

July 28 4:21 pm
The do not call list only works for companies you have never dealt with before. It doesnt work if youve had a past relationship with the company, newspaper subscriptions, political campaigns, charities and things of this nature. These are usually the same people you are trying to get away from. However if they call you request them to remove you from their list. Some companies are notorious for selling their mailing lists.

August 6 8:27 am
the best way I found out how to handle calls like these was to buy a landline phone blocker. ( check on line or ebay) best investment I made. around 50 t0 60 bucks, and can hold up to 1500 numbers. now I only get one call like this a week or two weeks. once you put the number in it will only ring once and the call blocker takes over and disconnects the call. never have to get out of your chair.

August 1 8:20 pm
The fact that they would not give you any company information is the dead giveaway that these a criminals attempting to extort money by calling people and scaring them into believing they are going to get served.

August 5 6:30 am
Prerecorded insurance sales pitch.

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