Phone Listings From Area Code 714-984 State Of California

  • Area Code : 714-984
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Teleport Communications Gro...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Brea
  • County: Orange

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Latest Comments for 714-984

August 15 12:32 am
just a message to all you poor customers and subcontractors out there who were screwed by Rob Selfers.To the customers: I feel bad for you and i hope that you will eventually get the kitchen that you have paid for. I worked for this crook.Not knowing what kind of person he was or what kind of company he was running until recently. EVERY single home that we went into, the customers were very upset with the customer service they were recieving from kitchen carolina. we did every thing we could possibly do to help the customers and provide a good installation. Im sorry for the problems that you had and will continue to have with this company. Dont trust them! Rob Selfers is a liar! He claims to be a christain, I hope and PRAY he will get what is coming to him and his crazy wife Cana.Armstrong decided not to back Kitcdhen Carolina for a reason. They didnt wont to get caught up in his scam. Kitchen Carolina continues to sell new kitchens, they continue to hire new and unexperience subcontractors. To the subcontractors.WATCH OUT..Robs little conference calls and meetings are a joke. He owes too much money to the contractos and reimbursing the customers for finishing their own kitchens. You will NEVER get the FULL amount owed to you from this man.His staff is still unorganized and doesnt have a clue as to the whole process of a turn key kitchen. Getting parts ordered and ordered right the FIRST time is SAD! They are under trained and under paid.Rob let the good PMs go and kept the unexperienced ones to save money and keep from having to pay them their percent of the job.What a A--!Sorry to all involved with this company.

August 14 12:22 am
Wonderful response. I have over 100 Rachel numbers. Another one for the blocking list.

July 2 1:29 am
1 call from (310) 525-3080

July 11 2:27 am
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July 12 3:25 pm
I just received an obsence message from this message saying they are at the hospital.

July 2 6:05 am
Hope it helps you guys... sends out messages from this number.  I just tried out the service a couple of days ago, tested it on my phone, and this is the number the texts comes from.  It's a place that you can send text messages for free from their website.

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