Phone Listings From Area Code 703-815 State Of Virginia

  • Area Code : 703-815
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon Virginia, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Centreville
  • County: Fairfax

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Latest Comments for 703-815

July 23 3:57 pm
It did the same thing to me just now now hey

July 22 6:42 am
What planet are you living on,,, there is NO such #.

July 11 5:02 pm
Ive got a call from the same number...Im from Paris, France

August 12 10:14 pm
I work for ATT in customer service and would like to explain how this process works. Your daughters number was solicited by a company (usually in another country, mostly Russia and China). These companies claim to provide a service, such as horoscope of the day, joke of the day, or ringtone downloads. The most common source is from putting your cell phone number into a website that youre not familiar with. One of the most common sources is If you attempt to have the ringtone sent to your phone, theyll have your number to bill. If your kids do this, youll still be charged. Most of the sites have an click hear to accept terms and conditions or some other legal jargon in which youre agreeing to be charged. Its not ATTs fault that you didnt read the fine print (or for that matter left your child unattended using the internet). This doesnt just happen with ATT, it happens to ALL WIRELESS PROVIDERS!!!The only way to avoid being charged from these websites is to not give your cell phone number. If you really want the ringtone, buy it from media mall or sideload it (download it to your computer, then transfer the song from your computer to your phone.)If you have been charged, you will usually get a text message letting you know youve subscribed to a service and need to reply stop or cancel to not be charged anymore. The text message will come from a short code, or a 5-6 digit number instead of the normal 10 digit (xxx-yyy-z) format. Most people disregard these messages and and assume theyre just getting spam messages. However, if you have text messaging blocked or you never check the messages on the phone, youll never be able to know to dispute the charges until they show up on the bill. The ability to bill things to your telephone bill is not a new thing. Its how ringtones, downloads, games, graphics, text message donations (such as texting Haiti to 90999 to donate $10), other text message services such as KGB ( or some late night dating commercial promising a hot date in your local area. If youre going to blame ATT for anything, its for giving you the right to bill charges to your bill without first letting you know you have the ability. They are also responsible for not proactively informing customers of the purchase blocker feature. Sometimes it is possible to get these charges that is 100% unwarranted. If you get a new number from ATT, there is a possibility that youre being charged for the service that previous person that had the number was subscribed to. In any case, this can be resolved by calling customer care.As far as getting a refund, ATTs policy is that, provided you add purchase blocker to the line, they can refund charges for the last 90 days. ATT has to get the money back from the companies that have charged you. This takes 24 hours. The program thats used to refund the charges can only refund that far back, so the rep does not have the ability to go any further than that. If you dont add purchase blocker, the policy is that they can only refund the last charge and this is done as a one time courtesy and you acknowledging responsibility for all future charges. Bottom line, actually take a look at your bill. If you have any questions about charges, thats what customer care is for. If you want to see what youre being charged for as far as charges billed to your account from third party sources, you can go to . Also make sure the rep adds purchase blocker to all of the lines. All ATT does is bill this, ATT has already paid the company that these features were purchased from. In order for ATT to get you your money back, we have to get our money back first. ATT does not set these things up as a scam on you, were not trying to jack up your bill, your rates are the same, we are not legally allowed to change you plans without your full acknowledgement. ATT is just recouping the money they already spent on your behalf when it shows up on your bill.

July 9 8:52 pm
have been called numerous times by this number, it's a hangup every time. i do not have caller id and therefore have to pay each time i *69 the number. while i do not know how many times they have called, i recognize the number each time i get access to it. whomever it is NEEDS TO STOP CALLING MY HOUSE, if they want something, fine, talk, leave a message! And DO NOT hang up on me when I call the number back! i am filing a complaint with my phone carrier as well as reporting them if they call here again!!!!!!

July 2 9:17 am
Unknown female called and decimated my last name, I corrected her and she hung up.

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