Phone Listings From Area Code 703-633 State Of Virginia

  • Area Code : 703-633
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon Virginia, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Chantilly
  • County: Fairfax

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Latest Comments for 703-633

August 20 4:31 am
I received the same this morning.

July 7 5:48 pm
This is a telemarketing drug pusher calling to send free narcotics if you press 1. I thought this kind of telemarketing call was illegal, but apparently the current White House permits drug dealers to make telemarketing calls to send their drugs to anyone. I have a new call-forwarding system that allows me to forward specific callers such as 312-956-2076 to another number. And so, I forwarded this drug dealers call to 202-456-1414 where there is an organization that needs to know about this telemarketers tactics.

August 30 6:37 am
thanks to this website I was able to locate the source of this nonsense. (50 or more robocalls) Found out I did have an account with them, and paid these [***] off. Yeah I got nicked for the $40.00 late fee like others below talked about, and I got the Indian operators, and I am done doing business with them FOREVER. MORE SO, I HAVE TOLD ART VAN FURNITURE, WHERE THIS FINANCING ORIGINATED AS AN ART VAN CREDIT CARD IF THEY CONTINUE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THESE FOLKS, IM DONE WITH THEM TOO.

July 9 5:09 pm
Caller ID said SOWV. The recording on my answering machine was a sheep or goat baaing! Helllooo... For what purpose and to what end? Some kind of weird joke I suppose. Someone has too much free time on their hands!

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