Phone Listings From Area Code 703-592 State Of Virginia

  • Area Code : 703-592
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Us Lec Of Virginia, Llc
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Fairfax
  • County: Fairfax

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Latest Comments for 703-592

August 12 11:52 pm
Same thing. Tried to buy a ps4 I listed on Craigslist for his brother in Africa.

July 17 1:16 pm
Due to the Government shutdown, we are unable to offer this website service at this time. We will resume normal operations when the government is funded.

July 20 1:59 am
This guy is a total idiot. He is a total scammer! He calls people at their place of employment and harrasses them. He answers his phone as "Attorney Mark Johnson". First: What kind of an attorney answers his own phone? Second: Where did he get his license from, a Cracker Jack box? He can't even spell when he posts derogatory comments about people. Third: "Mark Johnson" Are you kidding me?!?! This guy is as foreign as Osama Bin Laden. Fourth: He needs to actually go to law school! He is breaking the law by posting other people's personal information (name, tel, ss#, bank info, etc) on various websites. Someone needs to shut down this waste of air/space!!

August 10 8:24 am
This has happened to me as well.  I finally contacted a lawyer friend.  Everyone...THIS IS A SCAM!!!  They can't hurt you.  Yes they can harass you, but just hang up on them.  They will eventually leave you alone.  These are the Indian fellows that have called me.  Robert Taylor, John Smith, Kathy Smith, Robert johnson, etc.   please, are you serious?  My lawyer said there is no company to go after, best thing to do is say, I know this is a scam, and hang up!  I did call them back and harass them one time, and they hung up on me!

August 5 9:14 am
same here today, they called 4 times today, they claim to be american express, they won't sent statements then harass us when they don't get their money

August 15 1:45 am
Every dozen calls I try the option to talk to their representative. When I do and explain my case they will not give me the info I ask for and hang up on me.

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