Phone Listings From Area Code 678-797 State Of Georgia

  • Area Code : 678-797
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Marietta
  • County: Cobb

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Latest Comments for 678-797

July 8 11:37 am
Your right Big A - more like Bollywood than Hollywood! I heard this outfit is making a new movie,-Operation Criminal Scam!

July 16 5:47 am
It is for Chase Mortgage, If you dont pay you bill on the 6th of the month they call EVERY DAY .Luckily we are not behind. I called the bank to ask why these people call and harass the crap out of me when the loan is not late till the 16th. Bank response they are only suposed to call till they get alhold of you and tell them when you are paying the monthly payment. I humored them, Siad I will pay it on my payday of the 13th. THEY CALLED everyday still... Then the bank said oh we so sorry.We had issue in 2008 I got laid off, I asked with 1 month behind to have it flipped to end of note, We dont do that, waht about the bailout? you have to be 4 months behind. And you have a FHA loan so we wont help you any way as it is insured by the Feds. All I can say is D***sses, They forget we are the goverment and WE bailed them out.I cant refinance my house because the value is less then I owe, I dont feel right walking away but I can go clsoer to work for half the payment, But is that right. Chase does not care...I closed my personal accounts with Chase and told them why.

July 18 4:17 pm
Received an unwanted text from this number:FRM: praxMSG: Are you busy right now? Can you text me or later when you get a min? Just trying out this FaceBook 2 txt app and wondering if its working I am also looking for a little fun :) text me at 19182361092

July 16 8:05 pm
I think this my be a collection agency's goon verifying your address. This idiot called me and tried verifying my address. I told him I just moved and started to give him a fake address. Then I said wait a min. Where are you from? He said I ordered some magazines and I said which ones and he said he didn't have that information on my account. He said it was just a coutesy call, he said they call to see if we are getting them and if we are happy and then said are you married or single. In my state that is big because it links you and your spouse to debt together. I said this whole thing sounds fishy and he said I apologize your not having a good day, I will give you a call back when your in a better mood. I think I am going to go with it the next time they call and give them all fake info. See where it takes me. Oh yeah, I just left the criminal investigative world...

August 7 6:19 pm
Telemarketing - trying to make a sale.

August 15 7:29 pm
He kept calling me talking about I would get locked up if I didn't pay anything on an online loan from CMG Group. Saying that my state was doing a statewide sweep of people that owe online loans. I called the State Attorney General's office and they told me that they weren't doing a statewide sweep. Also, he wanted me to wire the money to him and they told me that it was a scam because of that.

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