Phone Listings From Area Code 661-858 State Of California

  • Area Code : 661-858
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Pacific Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Bakersfield
  • County: Kern

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Latest Comments for 661-858

August 13 7:00 pm
People who struggle make you sick? I have 1 credit card (the only one I have ever had) with a $500 limit. I get behind because my husband loses his job.2 kids.and we have no amenities. My kids go to the library to use the internet. I just love people like you whose only retort is...Pay your bills. Maybe in your mind you can convince yourself that people want to NOT pay their bills, and I am sure that there are many people like that...but believe me I WANT to pay my bills. I dont want to carry the stress with me all day while I am trying to work. So No Sympathy.people like YOU make me sick. I hope nothing life changing happens to you that causes you to struggle and wonder how you are going to eat or get to work all the while dealing with idiots like Capital One who make the stress and anxiety only worse.

August 9 1:21 am
I was called, I told the person calling that I would not pay over the phone. I did however, say that if they would send me information in the mail I would give a donation. I gave my address, I was told they would send me the information if I would make a promise to pay. I said I would pay. A month later no mail from your Jacees people and now I am getting another call from a different person asking to make a donation. I will NOT donate if I can not see proof either a website or on paper that the money I give will really go to these families in need. I donate money to St. Judes Childern for treatment of cancer. Show proof that you are not a scam and mane you will get better results from people.

July 15 8:30 am
They call our business over and over again and if I have to put them on hold they hang up. HELLO Solicitors...people need the phones to run their business! So annoying. I like that when they call my I phone I can block the number. Ah ha.

August 11 2:43 pm
I dont give a damn who called me from this number, but at 12:44pm.NOT okay. Go to Hell W.I.S.E. or who ever you are.

August 7 7:36 am
Trying to sell me union insurance.

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