Phone Listings From Area Code 660-689 State Of Missouri

  • Area Code : 660-689
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Chariton Valley Telephone Co.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: New Boston
  • County: Linn

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Latest Comments for 660-689

July 6 10:14 am
While I cant immediately find anything to dispute what he is saying, it does seem peculiar that he would look up his work number and then go around posting wonderful glowing things. Also the way he says it kind of makes me believe that he really is not in customer service, or is a very poorly trained representative of their customer service. Of course there is the one other possibility a to why he is posting happy thoughts.hes a Happy Boy?

August 19 2:40 pm
I just had the same call. I found it weird that it would happen at 9pm pacific time. Yes the lady was very rude and her high pressure sales tactics sent me over the top. She demanded a credit card and when I mentioned that I found other companies that would file my BOC-3 for $20 - $30, she through a fit and refused to send me any information on the company she worked for. Word of advise, it is expensive being stupid. Do your research. Dont believe random people who call you that sound like theyre official. Ask them directly who theyre with--see if theyre with a 3rd party company or an official government agency

August 10 2:09 pm
got a call from someone with an accent and could hear the boiler room calls going in the background because i kept acting as if i couldnt hear him clearly.part of the conversation went like this:him: good morning i am calling from I Secure, we are receiving reports that your computer is being infected every time you go which computer?him: the one you go online withme: yes i understand what you are saying but which computer are you talking about, the actual computer?HIm: shouting--the computer you go online with! (he was getting frustrated already)me: which computer i get online with?him: the computer you use to get online to check your emailme: i dont get online.him: then how do you check your email??me: i dont use email, or get onlinehim---the clicking sound of him hanging up :( guess he didnt want to play anymore :Pit was interesting since he never told me what operating system or what reports he was receiving from what security program. Would not answer where he was calling from or how they got my landline number! we were a victim of a breach at a medical imaging place and they have only my landline number from the few times i have been there. i assume that is what happened. i have been getting these types of calls since the careful and make sure you let those family members that are not computer savvy know so they are not duped. my adult child warned me when told about the breach before any calls came in. it was helpful as i would not have known, i would not have allowed remote access, would have called my security application directly for assistance to make sure nothing was going on-which i did after the call and all was okay.i appreciate all the information i find about these calls here, it is helpful.thank you all for posting.

July 2 11:34 pm
Dont ever deal with this scammer he runs CPS scam ccompany has ripped off thousands of merchants total liar retard

July 8 10:38 am
Trying to give me an iPad 3

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