Phone Listings From Area Code 651-566 State Of Minnesota

  • Area Code : 651-566
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Saint Paul
  • County: Ramsey

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Latest Comments for 651-566

July 30 7:05 am
I hope you (and anyone else who receives these calls) also posted a comment on the site for the call-back number they gave you, whether you called or not. Its impossible for people to try to track down the callers if people dont give the call-back numbers and/or post on that numbers page.ANY and ALL info being posted helps people (and law enforcement) track down these companies AND helps keep ALL of us informed!

July 17 11:03 pm
I just got a call as well in Ontario, Canada.  He said that a virus was effecting my pc and that he was calling from Windows to help out.  It was weird as he was laughing at first.  Then he got serious and said that he was in Ottawa and gave me a number which I wrote down and then googled and came upon this site, which was good for me.  I had no intentions of giving him any of my information, although he had my name.  How can we catch these guys.  I told him I was not interested in giving them my info and hung up.

July 21 6:51 am
A man who sounded middle eastern called from this number which showed as Washington DC on the caller ID. He asked for my husband by name and when I said he isn't here, he said he is from the IRS and a warrant has been issued for my husband. I proceeded to tell him he is a fraud and I am reporting his a** - which I did - to the FTC. He hung up.

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