Phone Listings From Area Code 651-255 State Of Minnesota

  • Area Code : 651-255
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Ovation Communications Of M...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Saint Paul
  • County: Ramsey

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Latest Comments for 651-255

August 3 5:09 pm
These guys are a collection agency and clearly dont care about the Do Not Call Lists or any guidelines. to make them stop, file the following complaints.Missouri State Attn General (where this company is located) - Do Not Call List (if youre registered on the list) - Business Bureau (St Louis) - day the Better Business Bureau filed a complaint was the last day i heard from them!!! Good luck.

July 10 2:28 pm
I got a call from a similar scammer (might have been the same guy using a different number). Anyways I called him back using a Mr. Rogers soundboard. I dont know which was funnier, the fact that this guy didnt realize that he wasnt talking to a real person or the fact that he was trying to extort Mr Rogers for 3 payments of $250. My favorite part was when Mr Rogers began telling him about his trip to the pencil factory and the guy thinkingt that he was talking about work threatened to call my employer :-P

July 17 1:46 am
I use call blocker on my phone. Mr number works great. A little beep on the phone and it is blocked I have no bills at all due. They are looking for someone else. Haha good luck. You been blocked

July 7 12:41 am
Car insurance I do not want!

July 11 11:27 pm
This number is used to hide where the call is actually coming from. I believe the person who called is contacting people whose house was foreclosed.

July 14 3:38 am
I receive a call from them 2x a day. They never leave a message and I do not answer phone calls I do not know

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